Movement class

Two aspects in our movement class are very important: we move with as much variety for our body and we do this in non-competitive ways. Why? Because daily life is already very competitive and inactive these days. During our movement classes we practice with the exact opposites of daily life.

The class contents a very playful, but also mindful energy. Every physical factor is interesting (strength, flexibility, mobility), but all mental factors as well (expression, creativity, improvisation, growth). This mindset is quite similar to a yoga mindset, but the movements will contain even more variation than a yogaclass.

One important element of our movement classes is the non-competitiveness. We will chose to move in exiting ways without worrying about winning or losing, or being good or bad at something. This is a non-judgemental, performance-less form of movement.

The result is a body and a mind that is free and connected.

Our movement classes are taught in Groningen at a yogastudio called Yoga Under Construction